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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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warm weather across the bay area. we'll tell you how hot the weekend is going to get. and a teenager accused of drive his car into a family on their bicycle has had run-ins with the law before. the health and fire department says an iconic china town restaurant must close its doors after tonight. outside that restaurant this evening, you can see there is a long line. breaking news tonight at
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11:00. sad news out of the north bay. police have found the body of 15 year-old charlotte molinari. she had been missing since saturday. her body was found. search teams have been scouring the area after her laptop showed she was looking up directions on how to get to that park. police say it appears that charlotte committed suicide. although they will have to wait for autopsy results for confirmation. charlotte was said to have been upset about a recent breakup. kron4 has told you about a car crash over easter weekend, the driver killing a father and daughter as they were bicycling. now details about past run-ins with the law involving the teenaged driver. the suv driven by the same teen was also pulled over for drug and weapons possession a week before this
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deadly accident. what this new information means for the teen suspect. >> it's just shocking. just shocking. >> reporter: frustration grows over new details of the fatal crash just eight-days before this suv ran over a father and his two daughters on a concord sidewalk. police pulled him over for some serious violations. >> what a kick in the gut to the family that are surviving. >> reporter: the traffic stopped happened in walnut creek march 30th. >> we looked out, the police officers were already looking in the vehicle, they had the dogs in the vehicle. then after a while, you know, it was just the police officers going through the vehicle very thoroughly. >> reporter: they found marijuana and weapons inside the white cadillac. they cited a teenager and relysed him back to
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his parent -- released him back to his parents. a week later, witnesses saw the same car speeding down the boulevard and losing control. the 17 year-old driver killed two people. >> it's upsetting if indeed it was the same person, why are they still driving around in that car? >> reporter: a question repeated by many. >> this is just unbelievable. >> reporter: police are still gathering the facts and plan to present the case to the district attorney in a couple of weeks. they're looking at cellphone records and are waiting for toxicology test results. the traffic stop will likely have very little effect in the courtroom if it does get that far. prosecutors will focus on the evidence and facts collected from the accident scene. a warm april night tonight. this is a live look outside at san francisco's castro district.
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people strolling about enjoying the mild temperatures. and it looks like this warm weather is going to stick around. the high temperatures expected to last through the weekend. let's check in with jacqueline bennett. as you mentioned, it was quite a toasty day out there today, and it remains warm this evening. temperatures in san jose near 90 degrees. same thing in livermore. 87 in concord, 85 in mountain view. high temperatures in san francisco and oakland were kept more in check. we still saw sea breeze winds this afternoon. current conditions, federal mild. 63 degrees -- fairly mild. 63 degrees in san francisco. it's 67 in concord. and still 72 degree s in antioch. we have more warm weather on the way. tomorrow is going to be our warmest day of the weekend. overnight, we're going to see clear and mild conditions. there is a chance of coastal fog briefly into the overnight hours.
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not going to affect temperatures into tomorrow afternoon. very warm in some spots, and in the 90s in quite a few locations. into sunday, it stays warm. and extreme cooling into next week, and even a chance of rain. the search for the missing cheerleader, sierra lamar, is heading into another weekend with no new leads despite a week-long search of area reservoirs and waterways. today, the sheriff's underwater search and rescue team in san jose where divers found a number of suspicious octs on the water's bottom -- objects on the water's bottom, but nothing connected to the sierra lamar case. tomorrow, more than 90 law enforcement officers from across the bay area will conduct a new land sech, focusing -- search, focusing on remote areas near gill roadway -- gilroy. >> all the information we have
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pertains around morgan hill. it's more likely that we'll come across evidence or information focused in the south county. if we get information or leads pointing to another area of the county, we'll move in that direction. because of the limited information we have, we concentrate our efforts on the searchs in south county. on both side and sunday, volunteers will once again search areas in and around morgan hill. they will fan out from the sierra search center organized at burnet elementary school beginning at 8:00 in the morning on both days. a san francisco landmark is being forced to close tonight, and loyal patrons have been lining up to get just one more meal. kron4's jr stone takes us to china town's sam wo's, and explain why it will have
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stoclose its doors -- its doors. >> i'm sad to see they're going to have to close for good. >> reporter: patrons not happy about the closure of the restaurant. friday, they indulged themselves in one last feast. >> you obviously like it because you made some threats as i walked in too. [ laughter ] >> yes, i did! if you cut in line, i'm going to punch you in the nose. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the sam wu restaurant has been open for business for more than 100 years. where else can you walk inside and instantly be in the kitchen? i don't think i've ever walked through a kitchen on the way to my table. >> i never have either. >> reporter: in fact , co-nan o'brian did just that on his show years ago. >> a food prep station with a bathroom! >> reporter: the city has come down hard on the restaurant for help and fire code violations. those i spoke with say they have been coming here for years.
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>> been coming here for 35 years. >> 20 some odd years. >> since i was ten, 11. >> since i was a teenager. >> my entire life. >> you've been here before? >> yes. >> you like it? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: some even risked their jobs for one last meal. >> i called in sick today to come here. are you videotaping me? >> i could get you into real trouble. >> a lot of trouble. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you're looking at some of the long lines on friday evening that went all the way around the block. it is important to know when i told people why they were closing, some people did say, hey, i'm not surprised. a high holiday of sorts in golden gate park. how thousands weeded their way through the area to celebrate. in morgan hill, several high school students were
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treated by paramedics this morning after eating pot-laced cookies. we'll get reaction from parents and the school district. the giants are in new york. the as back home and they're red-hot.
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san francisco's suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is going to remain that way for the time being. mirkarimi filed a motion to have his suspension lifted, but today that request was denied. today's ruling was issued actually yesterday, but made official today. this means mirkarimi will not be reinstated as sheriff at this time. mirkarimi was removed from office after he pleaded guilty on a domestic abuse case involving his wife. the city ethics commission will now begin its hearings on his misconduct charges on monday. bad news on california's unemployment front. after two
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months of improvement, the state unemployment level went back up to 11%. that's well above the national average of 8.2%. more than two million californians are out of work. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. high times in golden gate park. thousands came out to smoke out. all of these people
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are celebrating 4/20. an unofficial holiday use celebrating marijuana. many people it was started by a group of teenagers in san rafael in the early 1970s. a group of teens in morgan hill got sick when they tried to consume marijuana-laced cookies. >> reporter: everybody on campus was talking about it. >> i just know a bunch of people got caught with a lot of drugs today and everything. and some of them were mire friends. and i was scared for them. >> reporter: officials were tipped off by one student who was acting strangely. and campaigned about being dizzy. >> we determined she had eaten a cookie. >> reporter: it was a marijuana-laced cookie, and at least four students had eaten them. >> obviously with the day being 4/20, and this incident unfolding, i don't suppose it would be unreasonable to assume that there may be some link.
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>> reporter: officials say they were on the lookout for such behavior today because 4/20 is slang for taking marijuana. >> all the teachers received in-service, and some of the veterans have had it many times. certainly our campus monitors on signs and symptoms of drug use. and that actually is what they recognized and brought them in. and they're made aware to be extra vigilant on a day like this. >> reporter: the school called paramedics just to be cautious. >> all of the students involved were fine, they did not have to be transported to the hospital. they were released to their parents. >> reporter: the good news is, the kids are okay physically. but it stands to reason that their parents will have something to talk to them about over dinner tonight. and their social plans just might be interrupted for a while. a 4 /20 celebration on the university of colorado campus appeared to have worked. school
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officials sprayed a foul-smelling fish-based fertilizer on the campus quad where the marijuana smokers have gathered in the past. this is the smoky scene that the university was trying to prevent. for years on today's date, thousands of pot smokers would decent on the university. the campus police were on hand as well to keep people off of the quad, and to keep nonstudents off of the campus. as the puns continue, a high-honor for marijuana activist and country music singer willie nelson. an 8'0" bronze statue of him was unveiled in austin texas today. the organizers insist the timing had nothing to do with today's hot holiday. a sculpture says he wanted to portray nelson's openness and impact on country music. it remains
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mild out there this evening with temperatures in the upper 60s in some places like san jose, livermore, and concord. cooler in places like oakland and san francisco, but still pretty warm evening. as we head into the overnight hours, we could see a little bit of fog along the coastline. it's forming well to the north right now. the north bay coast could see brief fog for the morning, but it's going to clear out very quickly. we'll see sunny skies and warmer temperatures tomorrow afternoon reaching the 90s in a number of places. and another clear and mild evening on tap for tomorrow. tomorrow in the low 90s for the most part. 90 in sunnyvale, 91 in morgan hill. we should stay shy of record temperatures. we were well short of those records today. a little closer tomorrow, but still several degrees where we should be. 88 in walnut creek, 89 in concord. 90 in livermore tomorrow. east bay shores are going to warm as well.
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but the warming is going to be kept in check by the sea breeze winds. it'll be 79 in oakland, 82 in fremont. the same thing applies to the peninsula, especially the coastline with the sea breeze winds in tact. temperatures are not going to warm up too much. we'll be in the low 70s. it's certainly going to be comfortable coastside. 86 in redwood city, 76 in san francisco for tomorrow afternoon. up in the north bay, temperatures nearing 90 in places like sonoma and napa. 85 in petaluma, 79 in san rafael. and 76 in mill valley. your extended forecast tomorrow, our warmest day of the weekend. temperatures in the 90s, as you just saw. sunday, the forecast gets tricky because it's going to hinge on how quickly those sea breeze winds pick back up. we'll hit these high temperatures on sunday earlier in the day. and the sea breeze winds are going to pick up into
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the afternoon. and just starting to drop those temperatures off close to the coast and for the peninsula. the inland valleys won't see as much of an effect as the sea breeze winds. but coastside, and bay shores, these temperatures are going to reach them early on sunday, and temperatures are going to drop off into the afternoon with the roll -- fog rolling in. a chance of rain wednesday and thursday am we'll keep you posted on that. enjoy this warm weekend. former as bat brother and steroid whistle blower is playing again.
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good evening, everybody. the giants received their first true test of life after brian wilson tonight in new york. the mets the opponent. and angel pagan who last year played for the new yorkers welcomes himself back with a home run here, top thee, giants would score three in the frame, and give barry zito a nice lead. he wasn't bad tonight. five innings, 4 hits, 2 runs. his control a little wobbly. got out of big jams when he had to. josh thole, trying to put it away in the 9th. bay scores.
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the game tied at 3. are the mets the winner? no, brandon belt is coming home, and buster posey with a sweet tag, and make that hector sanchez with a sweet tag. sanchez with a tag. and then in the 10th, sanchez to center, here comes miguel cabrera. the giants have a 4-3 lead. clay hensley, he's the guy, has his stuff just like wilson. runners on second and third with one out, and he gets out of the jam. there it is. giants win 4-3 tonight in new york bob melvin, ladies and gentlemen. here we go. shin su chu for the indians is awful good. and before you know it, it's 4-1 indians. they had 13,000 there tonight. and here's the thing, just in under the tag. played before 40,000-plus, four nights in a
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row in anaheim, then you come back to a ghost town. the kid from cuba cuts the lead to 4-3. chance to be a hero, bottom 9. and that's it. indians 4-3. the first day of the world title team will be honored at the coliseum. blue -- you know vita, right? >> i've met him. >> he'll go to reunions with the giants, and -- raleigh fingers. let's hear from raleigh fingers. of one of the first truly great closers. >> it took us two, three years to get our stuff together. and in 1971, it jelled a little bit. and then in 1972, we put the icing on the cake for three years in a row. those were fun years. you don't really know how good you are while you're doing it. then you look back and say, hey, we had a pretty
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good ball club! >> it's always fun when i can -- like i said, jacky knows everything. >> she does! >> when she looks to me and goes raleigh fingers, she didn't know he was famous am pam and i of course -- famous. upon pam and i of course were there. bril cream, and all that, he got an endorsement. >> i remember lee and his long hair. >> what's the matter there? it's like a young , hip guy. this is how you do it now. >> oh, thank you for telling me. >> the young demographic says look! it's the fonz! or the -- or poor guy still on kron. jose canseco can't find anything else to do. and so he is going to play for wester, the tornado -- kam am league. he'll
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bounce the check and then quit. but there it is. that's it for all of us. ]s
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